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Marketing and customization: about the Qualifio tool

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This presentation aims to expose the new viral marketing practices and RGPD friendly data collection. Changes in communication have generated new challenges and it is now important to address the audience of a brand in a more interactive way than until now.

Why is it necessary to reinvent marketing?

It is now easy to obtain information about Internet users. But marketing is changing and we need to reinvent it. Today, consumers have an abundance of messages, sms, emails, social networks and even paper in mailboxes. Everything drowns in the mass, and customers pay less and less attention to what they receive.

The marks must therefore be present permanently, but subtle. The relationship with the customer must be "data driven" rather than intuitively based, and create an interactive relationship more than static. The messages addressed should be in the form of a conversation instead of a monologue. They must be RGPD compliant, measurable, have high viral potential and be cost effective in terms of return on investment.

The marketing monologue is dead for the benefit of interactive marketing. About 80% of marketers believe that this new form better captures the user's attention, converts better thanks to more personalized messages, and differentiates from the competition.

Examples of campaigns with Qualifio

The data marketing cycle is simple. It starts with viral marketing campaigns where we collect data by engaging the audience. The collected data can be pushed into the tools for the purpose of enrichment and segmentation, in order to personalize the messages. The improvement is then perpetual.

Marketers are now facing four major challenges: community expansion, interaction and engagement, data collection, and return on investment. Here is a list of examples of campaigns used to improve customer knowledge of certain brands:

  • MediaMarkt : The goal was to drive traffic in the store. Each store has its own Facebook page where it pushes a quiz to win the opportunity to get 100 seconds of free shopping. The condition of participation is to have a receipt and answer the questions correctly, to collect data on purchase intentions and to communicate in a more personalized way.
  • Carrefour Kid’s Club: a loyalty club for children whose goal is to communicate on cartoons and specialized brands by contacting Carrefour. It's about recruiting, retaining and engaging new members through games to win prizes and create real interaction with the community.
  • Decathlon : the idea is to appeal to the community to post photos on the brand's website about the best sports moments of the customers, if possible on which appear clothes of the sign. The community then voted for the best.
  • Danone: the brand proposed to users to post the best recipe with Danone yoghurt and to vote. A way out of the world of mass consumption at a lower cost and create a customer relationship while recovering their data.
  • Purina de Nestlé: a form for more information on dogs has been produced (kibble according to age, race, etc.). Customers were able to win samples in exchange and brand information to personalize their messages and have new ideas on the evolution of their products.
  • FFF: the French Football Federation had the idea to communicate more effectively in the framework of a newsletter after a small questionnaire asking the league, the club and the favorite players of the subscribers. The FFF broadcasts visuals of these clubs and players to the right people with each communication. A good way to exploit non-sensitive data on a domain that speaks to everyone.
  • Intermarché et Lastminute.com: principle of co-marketing with an advertiser enjoying significant traffic of another brand. Lastminute.com has communicated via the Intermarché Drive website.
  • Krys: the brand took advantage of the Tour de France to do a quiz in stores and offer customers to download a discount on sunglasses.

Zoom on the tool

Qualifio is a platform for interactive marketing and data collection to pilot quizzes, quizzes, personality tests, animated games, surveys and even very simple forms. The tool also makes it possible to collect data without even trying to make animation. It offers more than 50 customizable formats and campaigns can be set up in half an hour.

The platform offers the possibility to segment the different types of formats as needed. For example, a brand wishing to generate commitment can play games without harvesting data, and another wishing to generate lead can organize a quiz involving data collection. The whole is done in three steps:

Creating interaction and publishing on different channels
End of the campaign and data collection
Reporting in the Qualifio back office
Compared to a few years ago, it is difficult to put forward because the competition is strong. Signs must now be present on all channels and supports (and therefore include responsive campaigns). Data has become indispensable and today represents a real challenge of customizing marketing messages.


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