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Programme détaillé

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Le programme présenté englobe une variété de sessions comprenant des conférences, des tables rondes, keynotes et ateliers axés sur les tendances actuelles et orientations futures du marketing digital et de l'expérience client. 

Programme en cours de construction (sous réserve de modification)

Time to Skill

How can brands disrupt an offer, an organization, a way of engaging the customer relationship in this context of ecological transition and AI revolution?
From an ethical and business point of view

Make my data great again

The third-party cookie is dead, long live first-party data! 2025 will officially mark the end of the third-party cookie. In concrete terms, how can brands optimize their audiences today? Very basically, just as social networks benefit from a logged audience, how can brands work with first-party data?

Marketing & CSR: from intention to action!

The role of the CMO, his real scope of action and the timing he needs to fit in!

How do you put the human back into customer relations in the age of all-AI?

Artificial intelligence is everywhere / all the time, that's a fact.
Authenticity, ethics and personalization have never been so crucial for consumers, that's another fact!

And in the middle are the brands that have to offer exceptional customer experiences, both in terms of content and form. To stand out in a saturated market and meet consumer demands, they have no choice but to put the human back into their exchanges. AI may not just be the cold, efficient tool we imagine it to be: married with a little emotion, it can, on the contrary, reinvent customer relations, and paradoxically rehumanize them!

Content: enough words, let's get down to business!

A very practical session to help you better understand how to optimize your content (media, formats, audiences) and how to really measure it.

The CMO: 2014, 2024, 2034?

State of the art of a profession in permanent transition and 10-year projections! 

01 / 03 oct. 2024 Biarritz

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