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Acquisition: data profiling techniques

Published on by Maxime Ollivier - updated on - Actualité

Stéphane Bernal, Director of e-data at ADLPerformance, speaks at the One-to-One Biarritz conference to discuss new data profiling techniques that promote acquisition.

Presentation of ADLPerformance

Better known as France Abonnements, this company, created 47 years ago, collects and generates subscriptions to the press.
It keeps new customers in this field. ADLPerformance is itself an advertiser, but it also provides its technological know-how in acquisition to control costs.

Faced with the growing impact of digital technology, the group is diversifying, and its activities are expanding in all areas of communication. To this end, it includes Activis, a company specializing in natural referencing, Leoo for loyalty issues, and Converteo for digital strategy consulting). ADLPerformance works with all types of companies (automotive, banking, retail, etc.).

Why do data profiling?

Today, brands speak out a lot. On average, one individual is asked more than 1,200 times a day. It is an extreme solicitation, with sometimes too massive shipments, because not targeted. Thus, nearly 86% of French people consider that they are sent too many messages. It is therefore a question of getting out of the mass effect and of being more efficient by favouring the acquisition from finer targets, but also more numerous.

For Stéphane Bernal, “we all know the adage of direct marketing: the right message in the right place, at the right time and for the right target. But to determine the right target, ADLPerformance will intervene thanks to other data profiling or data targeting techniques.

The data currently used for acquisition purposes comes mainly from client files (or proprietary data). The added data will come from the repositories of the proposed solution (30 million people). In addition, data providers (navigation data, intentional profiles) from both the GAFA and independent partners will also be mobilised.

What are the contributions of ADLPerformance?

ADLPerformance’s approach is to add additional acquisition techniques to all of this:

  • appending data, to qualifycustomer datawith other information.
  • semantic data, to know which lexical fields to exploit in order to produce content, and thus define a multiple persona, various segments and data profiles. The aim is to improve natural referencing by taking care of the keywords used. Some of these keywords, in fact, are not used because the difference in jargon between brands and Internet users is too often overlooked. An advertiser can easily get ahead by adopting a new lexical field, and this may even be the result of a lengthy analysis.
  • data pending, to enrich the files with new socio-demographic criteria: see the IRIS on this subject, which is based on the division of cities into semi-households, new basic geographical units, or the grid, which is another statistical cutting technique, even more precise in terms of acquisition. In the field of insurance, for example, data pending has made it possible to highlight twelve new data profiles
  • techniques such as retargeting email, telephone or postal, as well as onboarding.
  • Audience profiling, to list the sites that customers typically browse, both their own and the competition’s, to adapt their scope of business (example: what to do to attract US customers to my store? What type of event should I create for this purpose?).

Speaker: Stéphane Bernal, ADLPerformance

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01 / 03 oct. 2024 Biarritz

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