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The concept

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On 3, 4 and 5 October 2023, the leading professionals in customers experience will gather in Biarritz for 3 days of inspiration, business and high-end networking. 

One to One Expérience Client is the unmissable event for leading brands and advertisers (our "guests") : CEO, CMO, CDO, Marketing / Innovation Director... heading to Biarritz to meet the best solutions providers (our "partners") in Acquisition, Customer Marketing and Data/AI, with:

  • Highly qualified one to one meetings : a tailor-made schedule to answer your needs 
  • A double selection : brands register their investment projects and suppliers are selected by the committee
  • Real-life experience feedback and pragmatic experts contents to strengthen your strategies
  • Out of the box conferences for inspiration and food-for-thoughts
  • Unforgetable networking moments with your peers to expand your professional network

An acclaimed format, based on 4 core ideas :

4 main ideas
  • +98% average attendees satisfaction 
  • 83% of solutions providers meet new clients
  • 74% sign a contract 6 months after the event 
  • 92%  consider the event is important for their business



Our promess? Highly qualified meetings in friendly setting to facilitate exchanges

To ensure the event quality, guests and partners have to go through a quick selective check:

  • Guests must be decision makers with an investment projects in acquisition, customer marketing and/or Data/IA
  • Partners are selected by the editorial committee and their solutions must answer business needs 

The +:

  • A known offer and demand selected for their quality to facilitate meetings
  • A personalised meeting schedule according to your needs
  • A dedicated team to make the most of your event
  • Special networking moments to consolidate your projects and initiate new partnerships 
  • a friendly setting and an immersive experience to encourage exchanges and meetings

L'éthique, c'est chic! Our manifesto for 2023 

For its 9th edition, One to One Digital Marketing build its offer arounds two main and complementary business areas: customer experience and data/AI. 

At the time the event was created in 2010, Digital Marketing was a clear concept for brands. Today, the evolutions of the market and innovations has made it all a bit more confusing. 

Let's focus on the core issues for brands: customers experience. The one that allow to build and strengthen relationships with customers

Why? Firstly, because the offer it wide (multichannel, international, second-hand and many more!) and the only way to rise above all this surrounding noise, is to create emotion. Secondly, because customers are constantly fed customer experience, with on one hand brands, and innovative suppliers on the other!

At the same time, businesses' digital transformation is quite advanced, if not acquired. Brands are seeing IT jobs with strong business challenges arising: data and AI have gone from "meaning" status to strategic goals. Regulations changes, from GDPR to cookieless, have a major impact on users and their quickly evolving action scopes, and on technical partners who are forced to entirely reconsider their position.

In fact, customer experience leaders aren't necessarily the same leaders for data (in terms of data/AI for businesses). However, they have customers in common. A customer always more demanding who is looking for trust, respect and environmental consciousness. That is what they ask from their relationship with brands, with a clear customer journey, a sustainable product and/or service, a fair management of their data, a measured technology. In the end, all what customers want is Ethics! Brands have understood this and have been incrementing their CSR projects for a while now. By adapting to regulations and market needs, their business partners are more and more actors in the solution process.

In 2023 One to One Expérience Client will be the place and time to better understand and challenge a more ethical relationships between customers and brands.

In 2023, Ethics is chic! 

03 / 05 oct. 2023 Biarritz