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The One to One Cycling Challenge

Published on by Narjis El Harras - updated on

Cycling to Biarritz from Paris: Cyril du Plessis' Challenge

For One to One Expérience Client 9th edition, Cyril du Plessis sets himself a daring challenge: travelling to the event in Biarritz from Paris by bike! During 2 weeks, the Digital Doers podcast host will proudly embodies this edition theme: "L'éthique, c'est chic!".

Défi Vélo Digital Doers

The Challenge  

  • 13 stages
  • 832km 
  • 15 days
  • Departing from Paris on 16 September
  • Arrival in Biarritz on 3 October - just in time for the event's opening

Do not miss Cyril's video reports, interviews, podcasts, ect. with the community on his way to Biarritz! 

The Digital Doers & One to One Customer Experience are committed to Team For The Planet !

When building its route it was important for Cyril and One to One Expérience Client to be more than just another sports challenge. As travelling to an event can cost a lot to the planet, it was obvious for us to support the Team For The Planet initiative. 

How can you help ? By becoming a Team for The Planet's shareholder! Team for the Planet is the biggest social community dedicated to global action against climate change. By becoming shareholders, their members participate in collectively identifying and funding sustainable innovations that really make a difference. 

Give support Cyril and Team for the Planet

3 ways to support Cyril

1. Like us, support Team for the Planet the world's largest civil social community dedicated to taking action against climate change

2️. Cycle with him on part of his trip

3. Join the Community on whatsapp "Le Défi vélo - Les Digital Doers" (your phone number won't be shared) so you don't miss a bit !


01 / 03 oct. 2024 Biarritz

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