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Our guests profiles

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More than 400 Guests amongst the biggest brands are expected to attend in 2023
  • More than 400 major advertisers from the French market
  • All sectors of activity represented: Furniture/Decoration, Cars/Motorcycles, Banking/Finance, Hygiene/Beauty, Health/Pharmaceuticals etc...
  • 100% of the guests are decision makers
  • 83% of guests stays for the all length of the event (3 days)
  • 45% have more than 100K€ budget for their projects
Expected profiles:
  • CEO, President, Managing Director
  • CMO, CDO, CAO (Chief analytics officer), CXO (Chief experience officer), COO
  • Marketing Director, Digital Director, Communications Director, Development Director
  • Head of marketing relationships, Head of media & social media, Head of digital,
  • Marketing Manager, Acquisition Manager, CRM Manager, Innovations Manager, Communications Manager
  • Data scientist, DPO, CPO, Data officer, DSI, CMO, Chief Data Officer
  • Chief Analytics Officer, Data Analyst, Head of data analytics, Chief Data Scientist, Head of Customer Insights & Analytics


01 / 03 oct. 2024 Biarritz

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