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Digital Marketing Event: One to One Biarritz a must-have marketplace for digital marketing players!

The Day After

Biarritz, October 6th 2020

Six months already. Six months since the word "confinement" made a thunderous arrival into our vocabulary and our lives. More than half of humanity was asked to stay at home, and the economy experienced a brutal global slowdown. We were all aware that we were experiencing something violent, which pushed us to our limits, but at the same time we all hoped that something positive would come of it.  

So, 6 months later, what is the state of play? What will be the outcome of all of this?

This new edition of One to One Biarritz is one of the first opportunities to bring the community together. Stakes will be high and the "imprint" of our discussions very particular. The plenary cycle will aim to answer the "Day After" question.

The Day After for the environment:

One of the first effects of containment, beyond the virus itself, was been a reduction in pollution which the Earth had not experienced in decades. Everyone remembers the NASA pictures showing the level of nitrogen dioxide above China before and after containment. The waters of Venice turned blue again, ducks walked around the Place de la Concorde in Paris. And everyone smiled.

The Day After for people

When reality goes beyond fiction... this expression, often used in France, was totally appropriate during the COVID-19 crisis. Can fiction inspire us to a new way of living, consuming, exchanging, sharing? Were these strange weeks just a parenthesis, or did they generate real change in people?

The Day After for products

During the COVID-19 crisis, Amazon limited its deliveries to essential products, distributors promoted the purchase of French products, and authorities warned that the re-centralisation of production was necessary… 6 months later, have these direct consequences of the virus made any real change? Have products been modified? Have ‘made in France’ products seen a boom?

The Day After for brands

Solidarity initiatives carried out by brands were immediate and very numerous during the crisis. We remember LVMH hydro-alcoholic gel, Le Slip Français masks, and Decathlon diving masks withdrawn from sale and adapted in hospitals as respirators... Brands showed great creativity, solidarity was enormous. How is this collective responsibility now anchored in the DNA of brands? Is it just an additional talent, or a deeper overhaul?

Real feedback from customer experiences, the One to One Biarritz expert workshops respond to current advances and issues. Discover the summaries of the best customer use cases 2019!

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Thank you to all participants for this beautiful edition!
The community of digital actors were gathered in Biarritz on October 9, 10 and 11 2019. An unique opportunity to discover the lastest insight and new content, the workshops of the best customer cases in the sector, activities, entertainment, and experiential evenings 100% Biarritz.

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Discover the "Couch Interview" by Charlotte Bricard, the new interview format launched by One to One digital marketing Biarritz. The "Couch Interveiw" is the best way to find out a little more about the prestigious guests who make the One to One community.

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The Editorial Board

A program carefully drawn up by digital marketing professionals in France

The One to One Biarritz editorial board is composed of representatives of renowned brands and key industry institutions.
It selects, prior to the event, the subjects to be covered by the conferences to respond as closely as possible to the key issues of the market.

It's said !

Which topics will be covered during One to One Biarritz?  Here are some testimonials of the editorial board members who share their knowledge.

Catherine Réju

General Director of Adetem, Catherine Réju is a member of the Editorial Committee One to One Biarritz for the 2019 edition.

Julien Schneider

Group Chief Digital Officer, Lacoste

David Bernard-Bret

Marketing Strategy Director at Eurosport, David participate for the second time as a part of editorial board of One to One Digital Marketing Biarritz 2019.

David Nedzela

Marketing and CRM Director for FNAC-DARTY Group, David Nedzela is joining the editorial board of One to One Biarritz.

Stanislas Duthier

Stanislas Duthier is Digital Director EMEA at L'Oréal. He will be a part of One to One Digital Marketing Biarritz 2019 as editorial board member.

Bruce Hoang

Bruce Hoang is a historical member of the One to One Biarritz Editorial Board and will be taking part in the 2019 edition this year!

Lucille Bie

Global Digital Manager at Institut Esthederm Groupe NAOS

Marie-Aurore Canton

Regional Digital Director EMEA at Shiseido, Marie-Aurore Canton is a newcomer on the editorial board of One to One Digital Marketing Biarritz.

Fabienne Blanquart

Head of Social Intelligence at CANAL+, she is aprofessional of translation of social insights into shares and a member of the editorial board of One to One Digital Marketing Biarritz. 

Sylvain Caubel

Director of Communication, Digital and Crm within the BEABA brand, Sylvain Caubel is a member of the Editorial Committee One to One Digital Marketing 2019

Olivier Carrette

VP Digital & Omnicanal at Celio

Olivier Laborde

Head of Marketing, Innovation & Digital, Natixis Assurances | Author
Olivier LABORDE, Marketing Director, Innovation & Digital, NATIXIS ASSURANCES

It was once again very inspiring and rich in meetings, not to mention the touch of conviviality.

Olivier LABORDE, Marketing Director, Innovation & Digital, NATIXIS ASSURANCES

Adrien GUERRA, Marketing Director, NAMCO BANDAI PARTNERS

A delighted guest on all the points! Your event is unmissable to me!

Adrien GUERRA, Marketing Director, NAMCO BANDAI PARTNERS

Fabienne BLANQUART, Strategic Marketing & Studies Director, CANAL+

A quality event during which you can meet new contacts, optimize meetings and get to the heart of subjects. Also a nice moment with the partner who invited me. Congratulations!

Fabienne BLANQUART, Strategic Marketing & Studies Director, CANAL+

6 / 8 oct. 2020 Biarritz