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Persado: AI is at the service of semantic optimization!

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The purpose of this presentation is to expose the role of the Persado solution and artificial intelligence as part of the semantic optimization of marketing messages, within a company such as Bouygues Telecom.

What is Persado?

Persado is an artificial intelligence whose role is to produce words, expressions and semantics that optimize the conversion rate by improving the emotional component of a message. Indeed, the emotional part produced by a marketing message weighs more than 60% in the action of the customers.

Persado generates a semantic database tagged by emotions. For example, intimacy and exclusivity messages can start with a formula such as "you have been selected for ..." Confidence and guarantee messages are also very popular with banks and insurance. As another example, reminders of expiry may appeal to the field of anxiety.

The tool focuses on the content and content of the message and assesses the potential for progress in terms of marketing strategy within companies. For example, based on an analysis of Persado customers' campaigns over the past six or twelve months, it could be established that messages involving fascination and excitement were much more widely used than those relating to encouragement. However, these are the source of higher performance.

The operating principle of this artificial intelligence concerns marketing content sms, email, Facebook Ads, push notifications or banner. Writing teams produce the message, which is then entrusted to the tool. It also retrieves the purpose of the campaign and the desired tone voice, before exploring and selecting a series of exploitable combinations, until reaching a specific message.

What challenges does Bouygues Telecom face with such a tool?

Bouygues Telecom has 7,000 employees across France, manages 18 million fixed and mobile customers with a turnover of 5 billion euros. The brand operates in a complicated market, faced with the difficulty of looking for customers and accompanying them throughout their experience. The role of the Marketing Innovation Manager is to look for solutions that can add value to the customer experience.

The goal is to determine the return on investment (ROI) so that yesterday's innovations become tools available to all operational entities at Bouygues Telecom, such as Persado.

The operational and strategic challenges facing the responsable de l’innovation marketing are numerous. It must ask how to find the means to stand out in the eyes of the customer, in the middle of the digital transition and solicitations of brands and social networks.

Bouygues Telecom is a large group and is confronted with a corporate culture that has difficulties to evolve. Solutions like Persado generate messages that tend to shock marketing teams even though these solutions are performing well. It is therefore important to push the workforce to move to a data-driven culture.

The levers of value creation allowed by Persado within Bouygues Telecom are just as numerous. This tool allows for example to influence the corporate culture globally. The ROI is also very interesting, since not only the opening rate, but also the conversion, the retention and the lifetime of the customers are increasing.

Persado makes it possible to build an exploitable library on all campaigns by establishing typologies of targets, and to address in a different way to the different segmentations of customers according to the tones and the semantics already having proved their effectiveness.

In addition, artificial intelligence does not imply any IT integration nor any RGPD subject, but requires an operational effort. The variants released by the tool must be tested on a sample of the target database, in order to analyze the results and find the best marketing message.

Innovating implies involvement on three levels: management involvement, budget involvement and operational involvement. Artificial intelligence and machine learning raises the question of how to get management to free up time for teams and that they realize that it is essential to optimize performance on top of campaigns. The delegation of decisions to AI is one of the issues of the coming decades.


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