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SMS and mobility: focus on IBM solutions

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Mobility is not a new topic, but in major brand organizations, it's a perfectly open topic. The objective of this workshop is to show how omnichannel allows the use of physical and digital channels to send targeted messages to customers based on their location.

What is the interest of mobile?


Mobile offers many opportunities to learn more about customers and to communicate in a targeted and specific way. It's a great way to evolve the customer experience by turning to the world of emotion. Mobile channels are effective in terms of open rates and response times. Indeed, smartphones are portable and constitute real extensions of the hand. The click rate and the transformation are also higher with the mobile.

The main channels for which IBM has software platforms are sms, notifications on mobile devices, in-app messaging, social networks as well as traditional channels such as the web and e-mail.

The expected benefits relate to the overall level of customer engagement, an engaging customer experience, improved conversion rates, satisfaction ratings and revenue. The uses are multiple in the field of the transactional and promotional message, via loyalty programs or service messages, alerts on transactions or suspicious behavior, or even logistical support.

What software solutions does IBM offer?


Channels are vehicles for transmitting marketing messages. For example, weather and weather data are of particular importance because they alter the behavior, impressions and perceptions of buyers. This data must be integrated into the scenarios and communication strategies.

Geolocation and social networks are also good ways of targeting. They make it possible to understand the courses, to improve customer knowledge with software such as Watson Marketing Insight but also to deepen the management of media content with the help of Content Hub. We can also evoke an interconnection layer around the MarTech to convey customer information, lists, events.

IBM is one of the leaders in mobility engagement, facing competitors who are almost pure players. The brand also invested in artificial intelligence very early via basic research. Regarding sms, it has the ability to address all countries with local relays, make reach sms and recover unit information to re-engage or know the appetence of customers.

Focus on notifications and social networks


Notifications take more and more space, it is a communication channel as well as e-mail and sms. The reach notification consists of creating landing page behind notifications in a very simple way. Companies can incorporate whatever they want in terms of gamification, interaction and customization with customers.

Facebook, Twitter and the group messaging (popular in Asia) are also ways to extend the relationship initiated with customers through the usual channels.

A use case: the Alex persona


Speakers in this presentation use the example of Alex's 20-year-old unmarried persona living in London. Her phone subscription expires and she wants to renew it or even potentially change her phone.

By consulting the reviews of her social networks, she comes across an advertisement, clicks on it and lands on the site of the offeror. On leaving, she receives an SMS asking her to download the application from the provider and make an appointment, which she agrees to perform. Push notifications remind her of her appointment and she receives a confirmation message the same day.

In the background, a single platform creates all of these first moments of interaction. The brand uses an IBM content creation solution to generate small sites and store all its marketing assets. Alex's commitment is through the creation of a "customer journey" to check in detail its interactions.

Then Alex finds himself on the verge of going to his appointment, goes to the store and is geolocated. She meets her interlocutor, then leaves the shop without having made her purchase. She receives an email from the company with a quantified proposal, looks at it and finally decides to buy. Push notification is done on the basis of geolocation, and the interface is easy to use for the marketer who can easily define his action radius.

But the information collected about the customer also helps to detect problems, analyze them and re-engage customers who may be leaving because of various irritants. The "analytics" component enriches customer knowledge and makes it possible to reach all those affected by potential problems. It also allows you to rebuild omni-channel routes like Alex's.

Speakers: Olivier and Guillaume from IBM

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