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E-commerce: What is the value of web content?

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Presentation of the Quill tool allowing e-merchants to produce high-performance product content, using several parameters.

What are the best descriptions of French e-commerce products per sector?

Julien Cohen, Quill’s Managing Director, speaks at this conference at One-to-One Biarritz 2019. He talks about the value of content and a product fact sheet in terms of referencing e-commerce sites.

In terms of content marketing, what is the value of a content? What is the value of a product sheet? This is the subject of a new proprietary methodology, responding to the fact that 34% of visitors to a site are not directed to the expected product sheet, but to an e-commerce site. However, a well-optimised product sheet allows a gain of about 3% of addition to the basket.

Three sectors of activity will be concerned here :

  • Clothing,
  • Travel,
  • Advanced technologies (computers).

How do I create a good product sheet ?

The three issues of the product sheet are as follows :

  • Visibility, addressed largely from the SEO perspective,
  • Customer experience, editorial and owner,
  • Omnichannel.

What you need to know about visibility in terms of SEO

When searching for any product on Google, the screen is divided into four parts: the «knowledge» part on the right, which gathers the information related to the product, the «paint media» part, natural results and finally similar e-commerce products.

It should be noted that only 40% of this research results in organic visibility. The first SEO point is to properly categorise keywords. Depending on the hierarchy of keyword volumes, the content strategy will need to be adapted to ensure that the product is present in the search results. We will act either on fairly deep categorical subjects or on more precise subjects, and we will no doubt have two types of content to produce.

Then you have to get more into the categories of keywords to find. By combining the categorical approach with that of declinations, we obtain a semantic universe favourable to the creation of a product sheet.

Finally, the structure of the response must be analysed on Google, which includes the People Also Ask (PAA), the other questions asked by Internet users, the pre-qualified information about the questions asked about a specific product, and the products sponsored by other e-merchants. The same content will not be produced on the product sheet according to what the user is looking for.

In the end, Google itself has gone from being a search engine to an answer engine, which is why we usually find answers to the main questions Internet users ask themselves above and below sponsored links.

From the point of view of technical optimisations, rich snippets (enriched extracts), with descriptions and associated notes, encourage more clicking, and alt images (metadata) allow to link an image to a whole iconic field (look and feel).

All these little tricks make it possible to redirect the user who clicks on it directly to the e-commerce site. The URL, on the other hand, must be simplified to the maximum (no EAN code).

For Julien Cohen, “if you don’t have a product card adapted to mobile in terms of load rate and content production relative to the waterline of what is visible on the mobile, you put yourself at risk organically.”

All these best practices are designed to bring the product sheets to the surface in Google SEO.

An application study

The internal tool, Myposeo, characterises 40 million keywords. Of the three sectors of activity announced, only the first ten brands and the first three URLs in terms of organic positioning were selected.

About ten criteria are important for the study of these brands: absence of duplicate contents, format, visibility, spelling and grammar, level of detail, benefits, feet and fill, depth and metadata. Professionals then noted these e-commerce based on compliance with these criteria.

In the clothing sector, the standard deviation is quite large depending on compliance with the translation, advice to the client or the client’s ability to project through a variety of online models. In the field of travel, there is often too much related information. In the field of computers, the first difficulty is to facilitate access to datathat is sometimes too complex to grasp. Comparison tools are welcome.

What about the editorial dimension ?

The structure of the page is an essential element to ensure. It is interesting to check the usage of the e-commerce site by Internet users using heat maps. When put together, these different elements to monitor and care for can allow for a very important ROI. 

How important is omnichannel for a marketplace ?

There are three main issues to consider :

  • Liquidity (different product record depending on the marketplaces),
  • Technology (to be able to enrich and multi-distribute the product sheet),
  • Cannibalisation (impact of marketplaces on turnover which can distort organic referencing).

The problem boils down to how to write a product sheet so that it is not duplicated, so that it can be optimised and covers the entire spectrum induced by the marketing strategy adopted. In this perspective, the “e-commerce planning” phase, a consultancy phase, makes it possible to differentiate the improvements that depend on oneself from those that one is forced to undergo in one’s sector of activity.

What to take away from this conference

The product data sheet is a fully-fledged marketinglever, allowing it to increase its turnover. It is not, however, an easy subject because we have to think about a lot of things, both in substance and form. The product sheet can only be produced in a well-defined competitive universe.

The experiential part is usually the first thing an e-commerce player (Quill Quality Score) should consider. If the experience is disappointing, the Internet user will not return. You often need a qualified network and technology to manage the workflow. The client, downstream, must be organised in order to be able to manage the validation of so much content. To remedy this, test articles are carried out, followed by sampling.

Speaker:Julien Cohen, Webedia

01 / 03 oct. 2024 Biarritz

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