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Cloud: the impact of Salesforce in marketing

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Discover how the advanced reporting offered by the Salesforce Marketing Cloud platform brings a new dimension to your marketing plans.

What are the benefits of advanced reporting on the Salesforce Marketing Cloud platform?

Speakers at this 2019 One-to-One Biarritz conference were Antoine Saglier of ZBO Media, as well as Nicolas Lemonnier and Brahim Bouhadja of Salesforce France. The purpose of this exchange was to discuss the strengths of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud platform.

The Salesforce solution has been a leader in CRM for about 20 years. It allows its followers to increase their connection with their customers. This unique cloud platform has been established by the desire to centralize the different facets of communication: services, sales and advice.

It is part of the scope of digital marketing, which allows to know the customer by repatriating dataand then personalizing a message. In addition to the acquisition phase, the cloud platform has developed a data analysis process. It is aimed at both marketing managers and CDO. The challenge is to make smart the data deposited on the cloud.

Datorama, the business intelligence dedicated to marketing

Datorama is a tool whose purpose is to provide its users with analyses and dashboards on all their multi-lever devices. First, it involves integrating all the data generated by all the activation platforms used (display, search, social, emailing).

All this data will be able to be injected, crossed and then unified on a single platform. Datorama, created in 2012, was integrated into Salesforce a year ago. Most global agency networks use this cloud platform to get a comprehensive and detailed view of their data.

The vision of the market

The digital marketing market is particularly complicated because it is fragmented (notably between paid and organic, and between search and display). Under these conditions, the marketing plan must consider the multitude of channels, which can interfere with performance.

The difficulty becomes exponential in the case of brands established in several countries. In addition, the transition from pure display to programmatic purchasing is an additional obstacle to overcome. Other ruptures are frequently noted.

Functional perimeter of Datorama

Datorama is used in the cloud thanks to two hosting partners that are Amazon and Microsoft. The functional scope of the product is very broad. It includes, in order:

  • integration of all available data sources, with the creation of the link between the platform that generated the data and Datorama, using API connectors (115 in the Datorama environment) that allow you to directly request data from Google AdWords, Facebook Business Manager, Adobe Analytics, etc.
  • Use the Total Connect module to retrieve data from third-party environments such as Google Drive or Dropbox and extract it from Datorama. This makes it possible to get rid of the exclusive link with the different platforms or agencies, which is fundamental in a marketing plan,
  • the storage and classification of data in containers that are actually dedicated to them in a pre-structured database: analytics, tracking, advertising, emails, CRM, etc. Note that the speed of calculation and display (such as KPIs) facilitates the task,
  • Managing the design of dashboard pages using widgets, from which dynamic dashboards are obtained, and reporting to transmit information (PowerPoint or PDF) to internal teams or external partners,
  • analysis of pharaonic amounts of data using artificial intelligence, which will allow, by appropriate algorithms, to surface the most relevant data,
  • the comparison of all aggregated data in Datorama with the target set, followed by the triggering of a number of actions during the campaign, as well as the ability to manage the campaign according to criteria outside the platform.

To summarize, Datorama is responsible for integration, cloud storage and analysis, served by artificial intelligence and powerful algorithms, and finally dashboard rendering and reporting, with automated analyses of the various devices.

Zoom on cloud dashboards

A recurring problem of this medium is the fact that the teams between them do not speak the same language. This problem is solved thanks to Datorama. A “single source of truth” will be created and then shared so that everyone is informed in the same way.

The proposed dashboard is very global, it is really oriented towards the marketing direction and includes all the levers: digital, impact on sales, etc. The successive dashboards concern each one of the levers.

One of them illustrates Datorama’s ability to retrieve information from partners or competitors, using social media public APIs. Finally, other dashboards are available, depending on the information one wants to obtain from the collection and analysis of cloud data.

Concrete case: the Figaro group

Within the group, different teams (sales, media traders, account managers, data analysts) are involved in different tasks: consulting, datainterpretation, media activation, branding, acquisition, drive to store, emailing, etc.

The problem encountered is the following: a client who works with two distinct platforms will not be able to have client access on each. Datorama allows you to gather all the data on the same dashboard. As a result, this customer will jointly see all his campaigns: Facebook, classic programmatic campaign, etc.

The questions that then arise relate to the cross-referencing of media buy data and analytics data, as well as the management of constantly fluctuating APIs. As for cloud storage of data, it is made accessible to all (draganddrop) thanks to a predefined template.

In the Figaro group, there is an insight tool that runs on dashboard and that allows you to overlay your audience with those of the group. This tool has just been acquired by the Salesforce group and should soon be integrated into Datorama.


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