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Customer experience: Euler Hermes strategy

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Euler Hermes' digital transition has changed its customer experience and customer journey in depth: focus on this major project.

The transformation of Euler Hermès' experience and customer journey

Kévin Charef, Global Group Head of Digital Marketing at Euler Hermes and Stéphanie Maziol, Sales Specialist manager at Adobe, speak at the One-to-One Biarritz 2019 conference. The objective of this exchange is to explain the transformation strategy of the customer experience at Euler Hermes.

Euler Hermes is an insurance company owned by the Allianz Group. Like many other sectors, over the past 4 to 5 years, the insurance sector has been undergoing a transformation. To manage this situation, the company has implemented a digital transitionstrategy focused on customer experience and customer journey.

Issues to be managed for Euler Hermes during its transformation

Euler Hermes was confronted with two major issues throughout its digital transition.

The first was a product problem: there are many products and they are very complex, with up-selling and cross-selling, in different segments (from startups to multinationals) …

The second problem was the introduction of these changes in 8 regions and 56 countries. It was therefore essential to put in place digital marketing strategies to address all these product typologies to everyone.

What was the solution chosen to manage this digital transition?

This transformation was made possible thanks to the Adobe Marketo platform associated with Salesforce. The campaigns with Marketo enabled the monitoring of the «top of the funnel» campaigns: SEO, content strategy and Social Media.

The advantage of the tool was that it monitored the conversion rate and the transformation into turnover on dozens of campaigns at the same time all over the world. Now, tracking is done from the beginning to the end of the conversion tunnel by tracking numbers such as the number of opportunities opened with Salesforce, the number of sales made, or the direct conversion with sales teams. 

How was the transition implemented?

To begin its transformation and improve the proposed customer experience, Euler Hermes set up Marketo little by little in each country, starting with its largest units, in a learning approach with test batteries. The first 6 months were very informative with agile behaviour in the implementation. According to Kefin Charef, it was a real challenge.

On the technical side, we first had to connect Adobe Experience Management with Marketo, which was relatively simple. Then it was necessary to connect Marketo with the Salesforce CRM to trace the sales cycle and conversions.

In the space of 18 months with different release cycles, several components have been worked on: responsive design, the engagement part through a chatbot that was then replaced by a live chat for more proximity, acquisition projects and customer experience …

A successful digital transformation!

Following this implementation, many lessons were learned thanks to the quality and volume of the data. These lessons made it possible to segment User Stories, customer and prospect paths.

Kevin Charef gives some figures to illustrate his results: “the digital transition of Euler Hermes generated +22% of pure SEO traffic between 2018 and 2019 and multiplied the conversion rate by 2”.

What are the consequences of this digital transition?

The next step will be for Euler Hermès to go further in improving the customer experience through AB testing campaigns and improving audiences. There will be a lot of work to be done with Adobe with its Adobe Target module to improve the customer experience and lead generation by displaying content dynamically, depending on who comes to the site.

The other important issue in terms of creating business volumes and sales cycle is to improve the organisation of Marketo between global bodies (the administration) and regional bodies (the different users in the world).

Finally, Euler Hermes hopes to define by 2020 an allocation model via its Data Lab that brings together all the data coming from different sources. All this data will make it possible to trace business sources in an automated way.

This project is already being piloted in two countries and has already made it possible to track conversions and the consumer’s position in the sales cycle. This gives very interesting results for making decisions, especially in terms of marketingbudget, acquisition and customer experience.


Kevin Charef, Global Head of Digital Marketing, Acquisition & CRM - Euler Hermes

Stephanie Maziol, GTM Sales Lead - Adobe

01 / 03 oct. 2024 Biarritz

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