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Closing Plenary #onetoonevoice: The track that make you imagine the voice differently!

The audio speak loud on One to One Biarritz.

The track that allows you to imagine the voice differently

This last one-to-one Biarritz 2018 plenary conference is attended by Gabrielle Boeri-Charles and Loïc Cessot, respectively General Manager of Binge Audio and Associate Director at Productman. Their presentation evokes the weight of voice and audio on communication and customer relationship.

The boom of the podcast

Binge Audio is a podcast network that started in 2016 and produces original audio content. Binge Audio's mission is to provide this content adapted to new uses and distributed to younger audiences, especially those under 35 years of age.

Binge Audio


It offers about fifteen regular programs and a dozen seasonal programs, including original programsbrand contentstorytellingnewsdocumentaries and interviews.

These contents are heard everywhere online, on all podcast platforms. Today, more than a quarter of the US population listens to podcasts monthly, and 50% of English listeners are under 35 years old. In France, about a fifth of the population listens to podcasts. Beyond the podcast, the voice is a mode of interaction that develops a lot. Although still in its infancy, three of GAFAM's have so far developed connected speaker devices (GoogleApple et Amazon).

Content innovation

The innovation of content comes essentially from the creation of emotion and affection. Creators must use the sound's ability to imagine beyond sound. But other elements of innovation push for the loyalty of listeners.

For example, the Tchip, a podcast dedicated to black pop culture is based on a relaxed conversation tone, which facilitates the exchanges between the talkers. This content adapts perfectly to the podcast format in its circumscribed and community dimension, which would have been relatively limited within a broadcast antenna more constrained to the federation of the audience. A more intimate connection is created between the talkers and the listeners, as well as between the talkers themselves.

A lot of work needs to be done with the audience, because the relationship with the audience is interfering. Hence opportunities for brands, which can be illustrated with the example of the official Tinder podcast. The episodes touch on deep topics by questioning different communication codes and decoding online dating.

The audio allows the length because the spoken language is natural. You never explain a concept as well as when you say it or when you explain it. The format also creates proximity to the listener. On-demand audio also implies a certain level of quality, pushing creators to have some ambition.

The stakes of audio on demand

In principle, on-demand audio involves capturing this demand. It is both his strength and his challenge. Creators must be able to combine a quick introduction, as well as a density and length adapted to their audience. The average listening time is 80% on Binge Audio, the commitment on the contents is therefore at the rendezvous.

But audio is not enough for itself, it must be accompanied by the visual at the same time to be known and to be associated with other senses. This usually involves photographic or textual work. The challenge is to build loyalty, which involves time both to be listened to, but also to retain. When you have the attention of someone who listens to a podcast, this attention is exclusive, chosen, durable and emotional.

Embody the values ​​of the brand with the vocal

Productman is the service and product design studio of Buzzman Advertising Agency. Established in 2006, it now has 120 employees and customers such as Burger KingBoursoramaEasy Jet and Ikea. His job is to create, modify and position brands around creative concepts that are emotionally based and embedded in the lives of consumers.

The stakes of advertising


Advertising must resonate with the real life of consumers by speaking up for them. This is the most impactful way to embody the values ​​of a brand. Because Productman is born in the digital world and has a mission to create strong brands, its objectives go beyond the field of classical communication.

With the rise of the social media, brands have much more choice in the points of contact with consumers. In this new context, it is important to work on communication objects at different points of contact.

For example, when you create a restaurant, it's not just what's on the plate and the advertising itself that will be objects of communication. It is important to break down the value chain of the project and work creatively. This is to inject creation on all points of contact of the brand (brander the menu, brief servers, work on the scenography of the place, etc.).

The needs of brands


Signs need communication services for all of these points of contact, hence the birth of Productman. This studio launches experiments, accompanies the brands throughout the entire value chain of their projects.

For example, Ontex is a BtoB player manufacturing baby diapers and selling them to department stores. The brand wanted to switch to BtoC, with the desire to create a digital brand. She also wanted to rely on the strong marketing positioning of bio in response to a 60 million consumer article that denounced diaper producers because of their use of chemicals.

Productman initiated the establishment of a communicating service. The studio created the brand, "Little Big Change, the layers that have things to say," and gave voice to consumers through a battery of tests. These tests revealed that customers were not fooled and no longer wanted to be told everything and its opposite to sell diapers. The communication tone chosen is therefore direct and without language of wood.

Typically, brands are out of sync with the consumer, so much so that two-thirds of those under 25 are adblockers. Consumers are overexposed and constantly suffer from hype advertising which is difficult to emerge a message.

But the appearance of voice assistants (Google Home, Siri and Alexa) represents a new point of contact that is changing for both brands and advertisers. They allow a user to do a web search in a conversational form. By 2020, 50% of searches will be done in voice.

The 3 notions using the emotional voice

First, the vocal is less intrusive and allows for other activities in parallel, while the TV captures the full attention. As a human, the expression of thought passes naturally through the vocal.

But this represents a significant threat to brands, as those who develop voice assistants also master the offer. Utility brands may be absorbed by brands pushed by Amazon, for example.

In case of generic search, the choice depends on the algorithm according to those who pay the most, who make the most margin for the assistant or who appear in the history. For an advertiser and for brands, this change must lead to significantly heal the presence of brands in mind, rather than brand preferences.

On the other hand, there is a big difference between the advertising of the past and the way in which the voice assistants will handle the communication. Until now, it was a unilateral monologue. The challenge today is to adapt and develop a strong personality to the robot. His behavior must be sufficiently humanized not to disembody the tone of the brand.

Finally, the grain of the voice is the third element to generate the emotional voice, because the voice is a medium of the intimate.

Voice and audio therefore have a real impact on how brands and content are perceived by consumers.


An exciting talk:

News, culture, original programs ... the audio changes its voice with the podcast!
- Gabrielle Boeri-Charles, Co-Founder and Executive Director | BINGE AUDIO

The voice: the techno that brands had not seen coming
- Loïc Cessot, Creative Innovation Leader Associate Director | PRODUCTMAN

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