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Thomas Husson

VP & Principal Analyst, Forrester Research

Tuesday 4 October from 11:30 to 12:30 in the auditorium

Thomas Husson is Vice President, Principal Analyst at Forrester.

Thomas Husson is a graduate in international marketing / strategy and finance from EM Lyon and Sciences Po Paris (Institute of Political Science).

Prior to joining Forrester in January 2008, Thomas spent four years as an analyst at the international research firm Jupiter Research. He then spent nearly six years in the marketing department of Bouygues Telecom. Before that, Thomas worked in the financial sector in Italy.

Thomas Husson, an avant-garde vision of the customer experience
Based in Paris, Thomas Husson focuses on technological innovations and their impact on marketing strategies. He is interested in the disruptive impact of technology in the transition between the digital and physical worlds. He is also interested in new conversational interfaces, such as messaging applications, bots and intelligent agents. Or mobile devices, including mobile phones and connected objects, and their impact on consumer usage.

Thomas Husson is an independent observer who is regularly quoted in the French media (Le Monde, Les Echos, La Tribune.fr, Stratégies, businessmobile.fr,...). As well as in the international media (New York Times, BBC News, Financial Times, The Economist,...). He was a member of the jury for the Global Mobile Awards presented at the Barcelona Telecom Congress. He participates in numerous conferences on the necessary transformation of the customer experience, digital transformation and the evolution of mobile services.

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