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2023 : DATA / IA

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2023 was turning point for the event! Changing of our visual identity, shifting from Digital Marketing to Customer Experience.... and the launch of a new Data / AI offer!

2014: creation of One to One Digital Marketing Biarritz.

In 2014, the meaning behind digital marketing was very clear for brands. Today, the evolution of the market and the acceleration of innovations make it less concrete. 
Last year, the event was refocused around the customer experience, clarifying the offer and allowing a better matching between guests and partners. 
At the same time, the digital transformation of companies is now very advanced, as can be seen from the structuring of new professions, some very tech, others more strategic, whose common point is and remains the customer.

2023: the event became One to One Expérience Client...

...and built its offer around 3 major business challenges: acquisition, customer marketing and Data / AI.   

So, what does it change for us ?

The decision-makers in customer acquisition/marketing are not necessarily those in data and vice versa, and the solution providers for one are not those for the other. To adress this the best we can :

  • Each sectors has its dedicated venue
Secteur Biarritz
  • A clearer offer and more constant profiles for each to stay true to the One to One DNA: highly-qualified meetings opportunities
  • A new Data/AI offer

Data / AI for business

The Data / AI offer is rationnaly incorporated into the event as a business approach. We are talking about Data / AI for the customer experience!

  • With solution providers in consulting (ESN), CDP / DMP, Data Cloud, Data Management, Data Privacy, Data visualisation, Data monetisation, Tag Management, Web analytics, Web Performance.
  • And their buyers on the brand side: Data scientist, DPO, CPO, Data officer, DSI, CMO, Chief Data Officer, Chief Analytics Officer, Data Analyst, Head of data analytics, Chief Data Scientist, Head of Customer Insights & Analytics, CRM Manager, CRM Manager, Acquisition Manager...

Interested in participating?

  • Are you decision maker for client experience ?
    CEO, CMO, CDO, Data scientist, DPO, CPO, Data officer, Chief Data Officer, Chief Analytics Officer... Do you have current and/or incoming projects?
  • Are you a supplier in acquisition, client marketing or data / AI ? 
    Are you looking to meet new clients amongst marketing leader and generate highly qualified leads? 

01 / 03 oct. 2024 Biarritz

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