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Customer experience digest : are French brands poor students ?

Published on by Pierre Edouard Baudoin - updated on

Thomas Husson, Vice President and Senior Analyst at Forrester, will be opening One to One Biarritz to summarize the key marketing and digital trends expected by 2020. Check out some excerpts from the trend he will share in preview...

According to him, the results of the 2017 Barometer France of the customer experience "Customer Experience Index" were already final at the end of last year:

"Where 31% of UK consumers and 17% of German consumers consider that brands deliver a good customer experience, French consumers are less than 1%! "

His fear is that this year, few French brands have progressed. For him, this delay is partly explained by the fact that the customer experience is not yet a true corporate discipline in France:

"It is in France that we find the lowest rate of marketing managers who say they are in charge of the customer experience: 31% against 45% on average in Europe. "

The other explanatory factor is that of the absence of profound organizational and cultural change within French companies. It is, however, the most important factor in digital transformation, and management modes are holding back the change of mindset, the transformation of organizations and the speed of change required in the digital age.

French companies therefore have a great deal of room for improvement in the field of customer experience.

See you at the opening plenary of One to One Biarritz to learn more about market trends.



 Thomas Husson is participating to One to One Biarritz.

8 / 10 oct. 2019 Biarritz