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L'éthique, c'est chic !

Affiche CXB 2023

What's at stake for brands today? Customer experience. The one that enables them to create and maintain a bond with their consumers. Why? Firstly, because the range of products on offer is huge (multi-channel, international, second-hand, etc.), and the only way to stand out from the crowd is to create emotion. Then there's the fact that consumers are being fed the customer experience, with brands competing for ideas on the one hand, and innovation providers on the other!

At the same time, brand's digital transformation is well advanced, if not a foregone conclusion. Brands are witnessing the development of tech jobs with strong business stakes: data and AI have moved from the status of resources to strategic goals. Changes in regulations, from the RGPD to cookieless, are having a considerable impact both on users, whose areas of intervention are changing very rapidly, and on technical partners, who are being forced to drastically review their copy.

More specifically, decision-makers in customer acquisition, customer marketing and data / AI all have the customer in common. An increasingly demanding customer who wants trust, respect and environmental awareness. They want this in their relationship with brands, with a transparent customer journey, a responsible product/service, sensible data processing and measured technology.

In short, customers want ethics! Brands have understood this and have been stepping up their CSR initiatives for some time now. Their partners, for their part, are adapting to regulations and market needs, are increasingly driving CSR by design solutions. In 2023, One to One Customer Experience will be the place and the time to better understand and challenge the ethical relationship between customers and brands.

In 2023, L'éthique, c'est chic!

01 / 03 oct. 2024 Biarritz

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