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Journalists and media partners, here you will find all the information on the event One to One Expérience Client.

In 2023: L'éthique, c'est chic !

May 2023

One to One Expérience Client is back in Biarritz with the theme "L'éthique, c'est chic"

“L’éthique, c’est chic !” : in 2023, with environmental and social awareness as the common thread running through the event.

Decision-makers in acquisition, marketing and data/IA all have the customer in common. An increasingly demanding customer, for whom respect for the planet and environmental awareness are increasingly important. Customers are looking for brands they can trust, with a transparent customer journey, a responsible product/service, sensible data processing and measured technology.

For brands, it has therefore become essential to step up their CSR initiatives, well aware of the environmental challenges and the need for greater ethics and transparency. As for partners, they have become the driving force behind CSR solutions, adapting to new regulations and market needs.

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A new visual identity for the One to One events 

April 2023

The One to One events unveil their new visual identity and reinforce their positionning 

The One to One meetings change their logo and brand visual identity to better align with their specific positionning  whilst reinforcing the strength of their concept. One to One Digital Marketing Biarritz has become One to One Customer Experience.

Download the full press release (French version only)

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