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Guests FAQ

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The FAQ is the main resource to find all answers to your questions regarding participating in One to One Digital Marketing Biarritz.


In which hotel will I stay? When will I be informed of the name of the hotel where I will be staying?

You will receive all this summary information by email 48h to 72h before the day of the event.

How much hotel night can I receive for my participation?

Your invitation includes your accommodation for the nights of the 3rd and 4th of October 2023, breakfasts included.

I come with other members of my company, will we be staying in the same hotel?

Our teams do their utmost to ensure that members of the same company are in the same hotel, but we can not guarantee it.

I am invited by a partner: will we stay in the same hotel?

If you are invited by a Biarritz One to One partner, you will stay in the same hotel as this one.

Mobile app

Where can I find my credentials for the mobile app?

Your mobile app credentials are the same as those used for your personal space.

Who will I be able to chat with during the event?

The chat allows you to communicate with all those present on the event One to One Digital Marketing Biarritz. Discover the list of speakers of the 2022 edition of One to One Biarritz.


Are there shuttles from my hotel to the evening?

Shuttles will be available for the evenings. They will make a stop at each partner hotel in the direction of the party venues.

Are there shuttles from/to the train station?

Shuttles will be available from Biarritz train station in rotation between Biarritz airport, the hotels and the Bellevue Congress Center

How to reach my hotel or the Bellevue Congress Center from Biarritz Airport?

Free shuttles will be available for airport transfer from Biarritz / hotels / Bellevue Congress Center.
Go to the dedicated section of the website to see schedules and rates for transfers excluding shuttles One to One Biarritz.

Where can I find the shuttle schedules?

You can consult the schedules on the website One to One Biarritz in the dedicated section of the website, the application and your personal space.

Transport network

Do I have to buy my plane and / or train tickets?

Yes, the initial costs of transport (air and/or rail) are your responsibility. In post event, within one month, refund of air and / or rail transportation costs will be effective up to 235 € TTC A/R per person and this, subject to the actual presence of the guest to the event and its duly completed refund application. More information on the refund procedure available on our public website.

How should I book my flight tickets?

To book your plane ticket on our dedicated platform, you can access it from your personal space. Please note that only air tickets booked via our platform will be eligible for refund.

Do you offer a preferential rate on airline / train tickets?

You can benefit from a preferential rate for booking your plane ticket with our partner Air France. Go to the dedicated section for practical information to get the promotional code to get discounts on your Air France plane bookings. Please note that we do not offer preferential rates for train bookings.

We offer you an air booking platform directly from your personal space .. You can benefit from preferential rates on some flights and save time in the organization of your participation. Your air tickets can be downloaded at any time in your personal space and your stay information is automatically saved in it.

How does the airline reservation platform work?

You access the platform directly from your personal space by going to "My participation", "My stay". You will then be redirected to the booking interface.

This tool works like any booking platform, you select your route and once you have paid your order you will receive the purchase confirmation and information necessary for your trip.

Note, for any questions relating to the platform, the flights, purchase / modification / cancellation, you can directly contact a privileged contact by clicking here.

How to apply for reimbursement of my airline tickets?

Go to your personal space after the event. After completing the satisfaction survey you will be able to access the refund request form and download your proof of payment (proof of payment, boarding card and RIB) / send us the invoices of transport costs will be presented followed by the refund form. It will be sufficient to attach your invoice specifying the amount TTC and HT and a RIB. Note that only air tickets booked via our platform and train tickets are eligible for reimbursement. The minimum of 6 appointments must also have been honored.

What is the amount of my refund?

Refund of transportation costs (plane and / or train) will be on request after the event from your personal space. Refund will be made by transfer, up to a maximum of 235 euros TTC per person and subject to having met all the conditions of participation.


I wish to arrive and / or leave the dates of the event, is it possible?

You can arrive and / or leave before or after the dates of the event. Outside of these dates, the accommodation and catering costs will be at your expense.
As a reminder, your support by the organization includes two nights of hotel on 3 and 4 October 2023.
If you wish to benefit from additional nights (at your expense), please contact the visitor team.

One to One Appointment

How to make an appointment with a partner?

Go to your personal space to accept and / or decline the requests received. You can in turn make requests and solicit the partners of your choice.

I received a request for an off-platform appointment, what should I do?

Requests made outside your personal space do not comply with the One to One Biarritz rules and the general conditions of participation.
Appointments must be strictly taken via your One to One Biarritz personal space. We ask you to refuse this appointment by indicating to the / inviting the partner of / to make his request via the platform of appointments.

Can I arrange an appointment with one of my colleagues?

Yes you can add / invite colleagues to an appointment from the dashboard of your personal space in the module "My appointments One to One".

How many appointments should I make?

You must honor a minimum of 6 appointments, in accordance with the general conditions of the event and the rules of participation.

I made several requests for appointments but I did not have a return, what should I do?

The response time is proportional to the requests received by the partners. The team will restart the partners so that you can get an answer as soon as possible.
In the same way that you accept or decline a request for a partner, he too must go through / he / she must also perform this exercise which may take more or less time. Please note that your calendar can be updated until the opening of One to One Biarritz.

Can I make appointments via the mobile app?

Yes, you can make an appointment via the mobile application on site.

Can I organize appointments on site?

Appointments can be organized upstream and / or during the event directly from your personal space in the "My One to One appointments" section. You can also access it from the mobile app.

Personal space

How to connect to my personal space?

Your guest space is accessible from the following URL: https://one-to-one-biarritz.myplatform-online.com/loginuser.aspx?

How to register for activities?

You can register for activities directly from your personal space in the "Activities" section or on site, subject to availability.

I lost my access codes to my personal space, what to do?

In your guest area, click Forgot your password in the login box and follow the instructions.

Workshops / plenary

How can I get the workshop / plenary presentations?

Find all the information on the plenaries in the section dedicated to conferences.

Do I have to register to attend a plenary?

No, access to the plenary sessions is free on presentation of the RFID bracelet to hostesses at the entrance of the rooms.

Are the speeches translated into English?

Yes, you can request a headset at the entrance of each room.

Badges / Bracelets

When will I receive my event access badge?

Your badge will be given to you as soon as you arrive at the reception of the Bellevue Congress Center by the hostesses.

Do I have to keep my badge throughout the event?

Yes, the badge is essential for access to the Bellevue Congress Center, lunches and related events. Your badge is your business card, it can identify you and facilitate networking exchanges.

What is the RFID bracelet for?

The RFID wristband is essential for access to the Bellevue Congress Center, plenaries, workshops, lunches and related events. It must remain on your wrist for the duration of the event.


Will the WIFI connection be guaranteed during the event?

Yes, the WIFI connection is available throughout the Bellevue Congress Center.

Where can I find my WIFI codes?

The access codes of the WIFI will be available on your badge as well as your paper diary.


How are the lunches?

The first lunch will be organised in the form of a standing lunch cocktail and the other two lunches will be seated in the Casino de Biarritz.

I have dietary restrictions, who should I contact?

Please communicate your dietary restrictions to the following address: [email protected]


Do I have to register for the animations to participate?

Participation in activities requires prior registration via the site. Please note that registrations are valid subject to availability.

How to register for activities?

You can register for activities directly from your personal space in the "Activities" section. You can access it from a computer, our public site, and from the mobile app.


Is a concierge service available on site?

A concierge will be at your disposal to answer your requests: practical information, taxi reservations, etc.


Am I invited to both parties?

Your invitation to the One to One Biarritz includes your invitations to both parties.

Dress code
Is there a dress code to follow during the event?

Professional attire is recommended for the duration of the event.


How can I access the photos of the event?

The photos will be available after the event on your personal space and on social networks, including the official accounts of One to One Biarritz.

One to One Biarritz 2023

I wish to participate in the One to One Biarritz 2023, what to do?

A simple gesture, go to the "Participation request" page of our website to submit your request to participate. Our team will come back to you as soon as registration opens for the One to One Biarritz 2023.

3 / 5 oct. 2023 Biarritz