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Come to Biarritz by plane

Flights to Biarritz: The best negotiated rates for you with our partner Monaco Check In.

Warning: The information below will not be updated and complete until the third quarter of 2022. This information serves as a guide but is not official.

Booking of airline tickets

We offer you a flight reservation platform dedicated to participants of One to One Biarritz thus guaranteeing you the best Air France and EasyJet fares in partnership with Monaco Check-In.
Go to your personal space. In the "My Participation" section, click on "My Stay" to access our booking platform.

If you do not want to book through our booking platform, you can also use the Air France and KLM discount code below.
Please note that bookings made outside the Monaco Check-In platformwill not be taken into account in refund requests*.

Book your tickets on Air France KLM - Global Meetings & Events


2022 ID Code to communicate when booking:


Event : One to One Digital Marketing Biarritz

*Under conditions detailed in the heading Refund of transport fees.

4 / 6 oct. 2022 Biarritz