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Social selling, efficiency and reconciled trust !

Published on by Oumaima Rouissi - updated on

Social selling is the return of the marketplace, where people exchange directly and word of mouth is the best communication tool! This is about two things: putting people at the heart of the machine, and allowing consumers to be actors in their customer experience. Two sine qua non conditions for being on an equal footing with brands and creating a bond of trust ... But make no mistake, ineffectiveness no attention, no commitment, and of course no trust. Getting to know your customer better remains the sinews of war, even more so in the era of the end of cookies: first-party data is the only possible response, the only one that really enables a community to be activated, with a high level of requirement. extremely high on all contact points. It is on this first party basis that we can generate consideration and produce Social CRM ... witness the explosion of software suites in the ecosystem. Attention Social Tech in progress, ROI to come very quickly!

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5 / 7 oct. 2021 Biarritz