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Live streaming, a new cradle of proximity !

Published on by Oumaima Rouissi - updated on

If live streaming still has a long way to go in Europe, China has understood it well and projects a turnover of $ 100 billion in 2023; For example, it has become the preferred mode of interaction for consumers with luxury brands (source Forrester Analytics Consumer Technographics® Asia Pacific Financial Services 2 Survey, 2020). More recently and closer to us, Prime Minister Jean Castex, seeking to create proximity with young audiences, lent himself to the exercise ... And yet, or because? Live Streaming is the maximum risk. That’s why it’s the essence of authenticity that we’re talking about this year. For brands, this is also the ultimate evolution in content production, raw content ... What are the opportunities? the threats ? Review of the last 18 months.

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5 / 7 oct. 2021 Biarritz