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Age 2 of influence

Published on by Oumaima Rouissi - updated on

Hosted by Viviane Lipskier, Global Brand Strategist, expert in new fashion, luxury and media business models

Despite its young age, influencer marketing has already had many lifetimes.
First with the major influencers who allowed brands to create a real community by relying on opinion leaders close to their audiences to gain visibility and boost their sales. Their objectives: volume and notoriety.
Then with the micro influence that allowed brands to create a real community based on common passions, their objectives: proximity and connection.
Meanwhile, the explosion of video: overnight new talents emerge, more or less ephemeral, and are able to get millions of fans behind them. This time, we are no longer talking about the number of subscribers or their quality, but about content. Show me your videos, I'll tell you who you are… and which brand should work with you.
There is also social selling, the famous Tupperware meeting which is gaining ground; or live streaming, the digital version of teleshopping ... the opportunities and formats of influencer marketing are numerous and continue to evolve, notably with all the good, agile and innovative ideas that emerge from DNVBs. What if we take stock?

5 / 7 oct. 2021 Biarritz