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Talks & fireside chat

This year, the Digital Marketing essentials got some new additions and updates:

New inspirational formats:

  • Talks by off trade personalities
  • Fireside chats with decision makers / innovative players of the customer experience

3 high-stakes themes!

On this year programme: 

⚡ «  Always be daring, Sometimes give in, but Never give up » with Peggy BOUCHET, Sailor and entrepreneur

⚡️ « How can participatory democracy methods be used to re-engage consumers? » with Axel Dauchez, Founder at Make.org

⚡ « The virtues of failure and innovation, a philosophy of daring » with Charles Pépin, philosopher and novelist

And also: Marc Obéron, Producer and Founder of Cinema for Change and Laurence Devillers, Professor in Artificial Intelligence at CNRS

4 / 6 oct. 2022 Biarritz