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Sustainable communication : watch out to greenwashing !

Published on by Cecile Krumm - updated on

Thursday 7 - 10h30-11h15

Workshop EKOPO

67% of french people think that brand’s communication will have to “really change” after Covid and 86% of them think that conscious and ethic communication is a good thing, despite a 2020 study realized on 1000 people by The Good Company agency and Viavoice. How can you tell your clients about your sustainable actions without being accused to do greenwashing ? Here are the secrets to communicate well about it.

Emilie Kovacs, founder of Ekopo, tells you everything!


Graduated from the Journalists Training and Development Center (CFPJ), Emilie Kovacs worked as a journalist for ten years. She collaborated on many print and web press titles, within editorial offices or as a freelance writer: 20Minutes, LeParisien.fr, L'Echo Touristique, Marketing Magazine, Routard.com, CBNEWS, Stratégies...
In 2016, she founds the media EKOPO, expert in the responsible economy, for which she is editor-in-chief. In 2018, she publishes "Solutions Journalism or the Information Revolution" at Librinova. At the end of 2020, she brings Netmedia Group into the capital of Ekopo to accelerate its development. In 2021, EKOPO becomes a company with a mission and Emilie writes two guides: "ANTI-GREENWASHING CSR COMMUNICATION GUIDE" and "Introduction to responsible business; CSR: the strategy of small steps: where to start?". She hosts several programs and conferences on sustainable development and CSR.

5 / 7 oct. 2021 Biarritz