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Find here the news of the digital marketing market: the news of One to One Biarriz partners, the fundraising of young start-ups, spicy answers to questions about the sector and much more!

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The spicy interview

The digital innovation in 2019? R-TARGET gives you access to an inventory of premium newsletters in programmatic

The strong digital personality of 2019? Pauline Koenig, RTB Development Manager

Your full-bodied punchline for 2019? The context of the best media, the performance of email


The digital innovation in 2019? Solve the challenge of the People Based model while respecting the prerequisites of the GDPR.

The strong digital personality of 2019? Yuval Noah Harari

Your full-bodied punchline for 2019? A unified view of the user journey on each touchpoint, on any platform, device, channel, online and offline.

Mozoo 150x150

The digital innovation in 2019? Darwin Creative Optimization

The strong digital personality of 2019? Maurice Levy

The full-bodied punchline for 2019? The most important thing is the message

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The digital innovation in 2019? Augmented reality in advertising

The strong digital personality of 2019? François Vasseur - Federation Française de Football

The full-bodied punchline for 2019? ORIXA MEDIA, the digital marketing agency that gives another dimension to your performance.

The digital innovation in 2019 ? The Customer Data Platform to break down internal organizational silos and develop a 360 ° knowledge of your customers.

The strong digital personality of 2019 ? Nelly MEUNIER, founder & CEO of the start-up Sunday. Rising figure of the new generation of digital Bordeaux

The full-bodied punchline for 2019 ? « Les gens n’achètent pas ce que vous faites ; ils achètent la raison de ce que vous faites. » Simon Sinek - Auteur & Conférencier

The digital innovation in 2019 ? Whether on the measure of the drive-to-store impact of TV, the contribution of the display or the overall analysis of the video impact VOL + TV, the market of TV analytics is today at a crossroads. Television should no longer be seen in silos but integrated into the attribution models, with a transversal vision of the advertising investment. In addition to the first tests of addressabe TV and programmatic purchase in France, digital innovation is changing the TV media in 2019.

The strong digital personality of 2019 ? "To bring out the European champions of tech and digital because in addition to creating jobs, they wear models". This is the wish of Cédric O, appointed last March 31st, Secretary of State in charge of digital, which has great ambitions for the French Tech ecosystem.

The full-bodied punchline for 2019 ? The best is yet to come !

Partners, enjoy the media ecosystem of One to One Biarritz and announce your hot news of the moment.

"Very nice event with speakers of high quality and a great opportunity to update digital marketing innovations !"

Nathalie LAHMI, Digital Director- ALLIANZ

5 / 7 oct. 2021 Biarritz