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Joel de Rosnay, speaker, iMedia Brand Summit

Keynote - Joel de Rosnay

Take the wave of the digital business of 2030

Doctor of Science, lecturer, best-selling author, Personality of the Digital Economy but also one of the very first surfer in France, Joel de Rosnay will reveal what our organizations will look like in 2030.

The digital society represents a challenge for the future, a real change of world. The company is facing an era of permanent imbalances. Hence the need to resort to mobility, anticipation, dynamic equilibrium. The metaphor of surfing is a natural basis for evolving towards a model adapted to the conditions of the world in which we enter.

Surfing in the company is risk taking, materialized by new research projects. It allows discovery, invention, and innovation. An example of innovation financing is represented by venture capital (Venture Capital). This process could be called the "Catalysis of Innovation". This is why the company will have to favor intra-takers, that is, creators using digital tools to be able to ride innovations.

Another example is the "disruption" models. The true digital transformation of the company goes through "increased consumers", both producers and consumers. They contribute to the creation of added value within collaborative platforms, such as GAFA (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon) or NATU (Netflix, AirBnb, Tesla, Uber).

Digital culture is not only the application of know-how to use digital tools, it is a transgenerational digital culture. Beyond a change of methods or tools, the company must promote this change of radical culture to enter into symbiosis with the digital ecosystem.

4 / 6 oct. 2022 Biarritz