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In 18 months, we will have changed paradigms a thousand times. At first sincerely convinced of the possibility of a "world after", we slowly shifted towards a more realistic perception of our future: agile and multiple we hope, non-permanent and volatile probably, complex certainly.

What this tells us is that the timescale has changed; where performance could only be in the long term, it is now reviving shorter-term issues. This form of emergency accelerated by several years a movement that was already underway: brands must be on an equal footing with their customers, they do not need to be at all costs one step ahead of the curve. them! They collaborate in confidence with their communities, they progress on new technologies in good understanding and with transparency, they act and innovate with a view to a more responsible and more sustainable business.

We come back to basics, welcome to the era of Authenticity! From ethical marketing, to the “human first” of personalization, including proximity in the new customer experience, Authenticity is the common thread that can be found in all the major market trends: let's explore it during these 3 days in Biarritz!

Whether it is thanks to the innovative solutions of the partners / solution providers, to the exchanges and good practices that you can share with your peers during workshops and networking moments, or via the keynotes which will draw the “Big Picture” of Authenticity ... One to One Biarritz will be one of the first opportunities to get together for the community. It is by coming together "physically" that each industry will be able to put itself back in a positive position with regard to the future.

Meeting face-to-face also means finding a form of authenticity in our professional relationships, no longer through the screen, only social ties! So it seemed essential to us this year to celebrate the relationship between a provider and a brand because it is from this that customer experiences are born, those that One to One Digital Marketing has been working to promote and challenge for 7 years.

For the first time, the event is partnering with Stratégies, the essential magazine for communication, marketing and media, and created a One to One category of the Strategies Grand Prix for Customer Experience, especially for our participants. !

We look forward to meeting you, doing business, getting inspired and networking in the incomparable - and of course authentic - setting of Biarritz!

Sonia Mamin


Sonia Mamin, Director of One to One Biarritz


4 / 6 oct. 2022 Biarritz