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Oct 10 | 11h30 am : Live, real time, ephemeral or organic containers... and creativity in all this?

When creativity rhymes with marketing, discover this conference at One to One Digital Marketing Biarritz.

Thursday october 10 | 11.30 AM - 12.30 PM

You are an advertiser?

Spontaneously, creativity is associated with communication. But digital / marketing now manages as many channels as formats, which is more targeted at targets more and more sophisticated, and often themselves generating content! Marketing is the new creation of brands, a creator faced with countless dilemmas: how to manage volume vs quality? Can we produce creative content that is scalable? Are there as many rules and / or freedom as formats?


Moderated by 

Laurent Bainier
from 20 MINUTESthe daily newspaper most read by the French


Alexandre Malsch
from QUIKSILVERiconic brand, creative since 1969

Maxime Delmas
from CREAPILLSthe media of reference of creative ideas

Jean-François Goudou
from MEEROthe startup that uses AI to produce images

4 / 6 oct. 2022 Biarritz