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Oct 8 | 11.00 am : Openning Plenary Conference - State of the art of marketing digital

Focus on 2020 marketing trends and stakes of organisational transformation. 

Tuesday october 8th - 11AM
Introduction - 2020 marketing trends - Forrester 

Thomas Husson will share the latest marketing data and trends by taking stock of hot topics of the moment: what are the priorities of CMOs? how does the marketing function evolve?, what reality for new entrants (Amazon, consulting firms) in the digital advertising ecosystem? marketing values ​​a true underlying trend? and what about creativity?

You are an advertiser? 

Beyond the shiny new thing to sustained organizational change, by Tom Fishburne, Marketoonist 

We have to stay focused on our marketing priorities and not get distracted by every shiny new … LOOK! SQUIRREL!
Marketers love chasing the shiny new thing … the perennial next big idea in marketing. That excitement can keep us informed but it can also distract us from the fundamentals.  It also keeps us tethered to the marketing herd, following the same tactics as everyone else.
At the same time, there has never been greater urgency for marketers to experiment and change.  And, yet, most organizations are allergic to that change.  And so, marketing technology initiatives are often adopted shallowly, missing their full potential.  Forrester recently found that 21% of businesses believe they are “finished” with digital transformation.  If we want to pursue digital transformation, we ultimately have to think about organizational transformation.  
With cartoons and case studies, Marketoonist creator Tom Fishburne will help us laugh at ourselves as a way to think about how we adopt new marketing technology, overcome fear, and drive organizational change.  These are the awkward adolescent years of digital marketing. This talk will frame the right marketing mindset needed to take advantage of the modern digital world.



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4 / 6 oct. 2022 Biarritz