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Oct 8 | 6.30 pm - Master Class Calls: the creative voice

Timothée Hochet and Matthieu Marot will give us an unprecedented master class on the Calls audio series, whose chapter 2 has been available on Canal + since May 2019 and from which Apple has bought the rights for its new streaming platform.

Tuesday october 8th - 6:30PM

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Imagination is sometimes more powerful than any image. Calls retraces several sound recordings (...), from the black box of an airplane to the tapes of a tape recorder, these stories mix the strange, the anguish, the love and sometimes even the inexplicable. Without images, everything becomes bigger, everything becomes personal, everything fits in your mind and your creativity. You participate in the story. You are the director.

A few months ago, a television UFO upset all the codes of fiction: the audio is the main character, the image is only figurative. ! The success of Calls was immediate, massive membership and major players - especially digital - were not mistaken! Season 2 has been available since May 2019 on Canal +, and Apple has bought the rights to the series that will be released in late 2019 on its streaming platform. At the same time, according to a study conducted by Havas, 91% of French people consume audio content. From the success of music streaming services to the multiplication of voice assistants and the explosion of podcasts, the voice is indeed a major issue for brands.

Let's ask Timothée Hochet and Matthieu Marot, respectively director and artistic coordinator of this 100% experiential series, about this media rich and innovative creative resources.

Introductive Discussion

Moderated by 

Charlotte Bricard, Media reporter, ex-CULTURE PUB
iconic magazine founded by Christian Blachas


Matthieu Marot, Producer, CANAL +
"L’audace formelle, le rythme et la créativité doivent s’inscrire dans une production value mesurée.", papertofilm.blog, 05/02/2019

Timothée Hochet, Scenarist and Director
Timothée is on YouTube

Learn more about the Calls universe:

"Calls, la série sans image mais tout en frissons", le JDD, 27/05/2019

"Sur YouTube, dans les coulisses du tournage de la série “Calls”", Télérama, 13/06/2019

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4 / 6 oct. 2022 Biarritz