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Wednesday 5 October 2022

[11:30am - 12:00pm] : FIRESIDE CHAT

Metavers: why do we go there? How to monetize it?

Hosted by :
Innovation Leader, Author of Innover ou disparaitre and Social commerce

Morgane LOPES
Ecommerce Marketing Director

The metaverse phenomenon is only just emerging, and brands are already having to make difficult choices: should they create their own metaverse or collaborate with an existing virtual world? And if the latter, which metaverse should they choose: Roblox, The Sandbox, Decentraland or Fortnite? Should they buy a plot of land and build a shop, or should they rent land and shop? Many questions that this fireside chat will answer.

[12:00pm - 12:30pm] : KEYNOTE SINCH

Why conversation facilitates relational excellence? Special guest: Nespresso

Sales Director France & Benelux


Head of Omnichannel Innovation & Customer Experience


Head of Business Content & Social Media Customer Care

Do you know anyone who doesn't have a mobile phone? Neither do we! Find out how Sinch enables our clients, including Nespresso, to create ultra-personalized and close-knit conversations on mobile, regardless of the type of messaging, in order to create an omnichannel customer relationship. Through our cloud platform, we manage messaging, voice and video services, and generate 145 billion engagements per year.


[3:40pm - 3:50pm] : DARE TO PITCH ! IMPACT

The Influence Game: recognise real influencers 

La Brigade Du Web

In order to be efficient, influence should bring meaning both for the bran and for the influencer's audience. In 2016, a BtoB influencers network, La Brigade du Web, was created around a simple drive: boosting companies and events communications through social media and the expertise of trusted influencers. Its members are convinced that effective influence is more reasonable, more human and more authentic. In short: a commited influence. We're telling you how!

[3:50pm - 4:00pm] : DARE TO PITCH ! IMPACT

The keys of social, digital and sustainable transformation at Meetic

Chief Marketing and Digital Officer

Meetic, a key player in online dating, has been innovating and transforming itself for 20 years.
What are the major societal issues surrounding love and dating in 2022 and how is the Meetic brand positioned?
What is the impact of media evolution on online and offline acquisition strategies?
How is a pure player like Meetic committed to an eco-responsible approach today?

[5:00pm - 5:45pm] : KEYNOTE BRAZE

How Customer Engagement Is Helping Brands to Retain Customers And Drive Businesses ?

Head Evangelist

A cross-channel engagement strategy that combines both in-product messages (like in-app messages) and out of-product messages (like email and push) increases a user’s likelihood to buy and have a positive impact on creating seamless customer experiences. As brands expand and evolve their digital strategies right technology and teamwork can support success for a wide range of businesses, the challenges and opportunities that companies face can differ significantly across verticals. Join us in this session as we discuss the top trends in customer engagement, where do brands excel and where are the opportunities for improvement and we will showcase case studies from exceptional brands.

[5:45pm - 6:15pm] : THE TALK

Chatbots, Human-Machine Affective Interaction and nudge: ethical and societal issues

Professor in Artificial Intelligence

From voice recognition to conversational agents and social robots, Artificial Intelligence is becoming a powerful tool to reimagine the future of talent, work and brands. Thinking about how to integrate social, economic and ethnic criteria into AI ansocio-technical objects using Artificial Intelligence in order to build trusted AI.d robotics research and development to ensure that all segments of society benefit is an important topic. Conversational agents have the potential to increase human welfare and well-being in many ways: improving the customer experience, personalising communication, creating a virtual companion, helping the elderly, etc. Nudging, a kind of incentive, could be used in the near future in chatbots and social bots: to push for a purchase, to influence a behaviour that may or may not be desired by the users. It is fundamental to build standards to frame the development and uses of socio-technical objects using Artificial Intelligence in order to build trusted AI.

3 / 5 oct. 2023 Biarritz