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Thursday 6 October 2022

[10:30am - 11:15am] : YES WE ARE WORKSHOP

« Dare to be diverse: why companies and brands must reinvent themselves ? » 

Founder and CEO

We are hearing a lot about diversity and inclusion at the moment... including at OnetoOne Biarritz! Yes, diversity is now at the heart of the reputation of brands and the performance of companies. So beware of diversity washing and welcome to the era of inclusive marketing! Discover why and how diversity and inclusive marketing can be real assets.

[11:30am - 12:00pm] : THE TALK

Producer, Founder of the Cinema for Change Festival

Of course nothing is simple, but everything is possible when you go through with it. This is the story of a film, which became a festival, and which became an awareness-raising tool for companies and educational institutions. It is also the story of a meeting with the director Jane Campion (The Piano Lesson) who confronted me with a choice to make, DARE!

[12:00pm - 12:30pm] : FIRESIDE CHAT

« The new narratives: design fiction & story telling in regards to the climate issues »

Hosted by :

Brand Director 

Founder & CEO

In 2020, at the World Economic Forum in Davos, a new initiative called "New Narratives" was launched to invite tomorrow's leaders to invent new narratives in order to "map out possible paths towards the paradigm shifts we face. This call for one or more "new narratives" is ringing out everywhere. As we know, the climate and environmental challenges to which we must respond require a "civilisation shift". It is a question of rethinking and reinventing narratives in order to get people on board and arouse their desire for another, more sustainable world. How can we reinvent the narrative? How can the media, politicians, brands and society write new narratives to project us, all together, into a desirable future? *Live Magazine is a living newspaper, a unique evening, during which journalists, photographers, cartoonists and directors take turns on a stage to tell - in words, sounds and images - each one a story. Intimate and global stories, fundamental for those who tell them, unforgettable for those who listen to them, 100% ephemeral, 99% true.

[2:30pm - 3:00pm] : THE TALK

« The virtues of failure and innovations: a philosophy of audacity »

Charles PÉPIN
Philosopher and novelist

No, boldness is not  something you're just born with. It is neither genetic nor natural. Yes, it can be learned. It is the result of a history, an experience, a skill. It is by daring that we learn to dare and also by daring that we learn. Admiring the audacity of others, being nourished by the example of the audacious, assuming the risk of failure while always distinguishing the sense of risk from the love of risk, daring to seize every opportunity for innovation, this is perhaps the secret of audacity.

3 / 5 oct. 2023 Biarritz