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The Talk : "The virtues of failure and innovation, a philosophy of boldness "

No, boldness is not  something you're just born with. It is neither genetic nor natural. Yes, it can be learned. It is the result of a history, an experience, a skill. It is by daring that we learn to dare and also by daring that we learn. Admiring the audacity of others, being nourished by the example of the audacious, assuming the risk of failure while always distinguishing the sense of risk from the love of risk, daring to seize every opportunity for innovation, this is perhaps the secret of audacity.

Charles Pépin, Philosopher and novelist

The Talk : "We must dare or resign ourselves to everything" Corneille

Of course nothing is simple, but everything is possible when you go through with it. This is the story of a film, which became a festival, and which became an awareness-raising tool for companies and educational institutions. It is also the story of a meeting with the director Jane Campion (The Piano Lesson) who confronted me with a choice to make, DARE!

Marc OBERON, Producteur, Founder of the Cinema for Change Festival 

The Talk : Chatbots, Human-Machine Affective Interaction and nudge: ethical and societal issues

From voice recognition to conversational agents and social bots, Artificial Intelligence is becoming a powerful tool to reimagine the future of talent, work and brands.

Thinking about how to integrate social, economic and ethnic criteria into AI and robotics research and development to ensure that all segments of society benefit is an important topic. Conversational agents have the potential to increase human well-being and welfare in many ways: improving the customer experience, personalizing communication, creating a virtual companion, helping the elderly, etc.

Laurence DEVILLERS, Professor in artificial intelligence at CNRS

The Talk : Conversational marketing, how to re-engage through large-scale co-construction

Conversational marketing, how to re-engage customers through large-scale co-construction Brands are experiencing a qualitative and quantitative disengagement of their consumers that translates into an unprecedented crisis of trust.

The usual marketing tools are struggling to rebuild the link with the brand: on the one hand, branded campaigns have a declining efficiency; on the other hand, performance-based campaigns have a growing cost, hyper-fragment messages and dilute the common part of the brand.

In this context, there are now methods of co-construction on a very large scale resulting from participatory democracy that are becoming marketing tools in their own right: conversational marketing.


The Talk : Always dare, sometimes give in, never give up!

An inspiring talk based on human beings, softskills and thus creating the link between the spirit of adventure and the spirit of entrepreneurship Peggy will speak about strong values and themes that are more than ever topical:

Learning to know oneself better and daring to be unique
Build up one's audacity
Encouraging commitment
Cultivating resilience, adaptability and curiosity
No fail, No gain! Build yourself by daring, by trying, by failing, by starting over
Adopt an optimistic attitude and vocabulary
Rekindle pride in having dared, tried and taken up a challenge All these elements will encourage everyone to cross the Atlantic!
Opening plenary

Peggy Bouchet, Sailor, adventurer and entrepreneur.

3 / 5 oct. 2023 Biarritz