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ARTPOINT: digital art is coming to Biarritz!

This year, One to One Digital Marketing focuses these 3 days of inspiration, business and networking on a strong theme, AUTHENTICITY! What could be better than art to represent this virtue in which our society expresses with sincerity and commitment what it is deeply. For this, ARTPOINT will be present from October 5 to 7, 2021 at the Bellevue Congress Center in Biarritz!

ARTPOINT (www.artpoint.fr) is a creator of digital artistic experiences for places frequented by the public. Their ambition is to introduce digital art in places of life such as hotels, shopping centers or even corporate offices in order to enrich the public experience and enhance spaces.

During these 3 days, these digital works of art will be displayed on several screens in order to enrich the visitor experience and create spaces of inspiration and exchange throughout the course.



They represent more than 200 artists from more than 35 countries and bring the best of their works through two distinct solutions:

  • The digital gallery: Access to a catalog of digital works of art directly on screen in exchange for a monthly subscription
  • Tailor-made: Creation and sale of installations combining art and new technologies from a precise brief. Interactive art, immersive art, digital sculptures, data art, etc. The field of possibilities is endless!
Veepee Montage


During the opening ceremony, do not miss the intervention of Benjamin Bardou, who will talk about authenticity through the prism of his work as an artist and the reflections that flow from it!

To discover an overview of his work, find the works of Benjamin Bardou on:

4 / 6 oct. 2022 Biarritz