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Come to Biarritz by plane or by train

For this 9th edition of One to One Biarritz, prefer the train when you can: less than 4h30 from Paris, it's an excellent choice!
For other cities, no problem, Biarritz is easily accessible by car or by plane for the farthest.
Book your tickets

Flight and train journeys are still eligible for reimbursement but subject to conditions, and up to a maximum of 235€ (including taxes). You will be able to ask for your refund after the event.

Once you have booked your tickets, please make sure you enter your travel information (arrival and departure times) in your personal space : MY PARTICIPATION > MY STAY.

Air France promo code

Air France and KLM let you benefit from special rates on your flights to/from Biarritz to attend the event. 

Promo code : 39366AF

03 / 05 oct. 2023 Biarritz