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Refund of transport fees

COMEXPOSIUM SAS will take in charge your guests’ transportation fees.

Conditions of eligibility for reimbursement

Comexposium undertakes to reimburse the air and / or rail transportation costs of the guests in post-event conditions.
The transport is directly managed by the guest.
We offer you an air reservation platform dedicated to the participants of One to One Monaco guaranteeing you the best Air France and EasyJet fares in partnership with Monaco Check-In.

Opening of the refund procedure

For airline tickets only:

WARNING: only air tickets ordered via our booking platform will be reimbursed by the organization up to 235 € TTC return per person.

If you have booked the flights of one or more people from your company, each guest will have to make the request in his space and communicate the RIB associated with the booking with the actual amount of each. Each participant must also have personally respected the conditions of participation.

Reimbursement reserved for participants in post event, subject to an effective participation in the event and compliance with the conditions of participation (pay a minimum of 6 appointments with our partners). This offer is reserved only for final guests, can not benefit spouses, partners and their staffs.
Taking your ticket via this air platform is the only way to benefit from the reimbursement of your trip under the following conditions:

Refund procedure (valid for SNCF and air tickets)
At the end of the event, log on to your personal space and answer the satisfaction survey to access the refund form. This refund procedure will be effective in your space within one month upon presentation of the proof of transport.
Within 1 month, we will re-credit the credit card used for payment on this booking platform.

After November 14, 2021, no claims will be processed.

Refund conditions:

• Have actually participated in One to One Biarritz between October 5th and 7th, 2021.
• Have made a minimum of 6 qualified appointments with our partners over the three days.
• Have read and accepted the terms and conditions and the rules of participation.
• Reimbursement reserved for end users and employees. Do not benefit from the reimbursement spouses, partners or staffs.
• Only air tickets ordered through our booking platform will be refundable.
• No refunds are made on parking tickets, mileage allowances or expenses for: taxi, bus, helicopter, Orlyval and RATP.
• In case of cancellation of participation of the guest, no refund will be made.
• All flight changes are the responsibility of the guest.

The refund procedure will be effective in your Guest Space post event, within one month on presentation of evidence.
Note: Not reimbursed, parking tickets, mileage, taxi, extra luggage ...
For any questions, please contact the visitorat team at the following address: [email protected] 

4 / 6 oct. 2022 Biarritz